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Welcome to my prose garden. I am a recently retired special education teacher. Actually, I am busy rearranging more than retiring. I started writing for my students years ago, when at the end of the school year, they often did not qualify for the typical achievement awards. They deserved praise for their singular and heroic accomplishments and I loved writing their personal and unique acclamations.

Upon retiring, I found myself spending more and more time in my garden. Here, the seeds of my “garden pages” began to grow.
It is here nature nurtured my voice.

When I took the “leap of faith” or more truly, was pushed out into the sunlight, I met kind, supportive and encouraging fellow travelers. Each of my pieces reflects someone in my life.

My hope is that you might touch one of the three flowerpots and feel a connection to someone in yours.

The three pots symbolize faith, hope and charity.
Faith to keep us strong,
hope for our children and
charity toward one another.

I hope you too will bring the garden into your space.
You will not be disappointed.

Won't you come in and sit for awhile?

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